Corporate Wellness

Studies have show that workplace wellness plays an essential role in work productivity—employees are more likely to perform well when they are in optimal health. We understand how much this means to you. Expanding our wellness ideology, we offer a solution to protecting your most important asset, and maintaining workplace wellness through our premium blends and wellness workshops.


Are you averse to certain odours? Many people believe that lavender helps you to relax, but some people find that the aromas immediately gives them a headache. These kinds of reactions are a hint from your body. A hint letting you know that not everything is suitable for everyone. Finding the right aroma for one self is a process whereby we help map out the right one for yourself. With living a hectic lifestyle in a busy city, it’s a good idea to take the time to reset, drink a little scented tea, and nourish your mind and body.

Journey details:

  • Experience naturally-grown flowers and herbs for yourself and let their effects on your senses, particularly touch, vision and smell, guide you as you choose ingredients that are right for your body and brew a cup of herbal tea formulated especially for your body.
  • Learn to regulate your breathing, practice abdominal respiration, and get in good breathing habits
Duration:45 minutes
Cost:HKD 420
Suitable for:Anyone interested in special teas made with herbs grown the natural way / those who are interested in trying out our other services / people who are unsure about their physical condition


  • Includes 15g of specially-formulated tea at no extra charge, so you can continue to enjoy the experience at home


We will look for a wine for a delicious meal, or which seasonings work well with which dishes. The concept of wine pairing is so common that just about anyone has experienced or heard of. Do you know the same can be done with tea? The right combination provides a harmony which enhances the overall experience. On the contrary, mismatching the tea could result in an imbalance which can be catastrophic. Here at our Tea Pairing session, we will share our knowledge in tea paring. We want to help you master this technique and share with your friends.
Duration:60 minutes
Number of participants:5 pax
Cost:HKD 420 per person


This guided tea tour takes you through the lifecycle of budding leaves to brew. Hosted on some of Y-Space’s partner tea farms, this explorative journey focuses on the ideas of “conscious living”. Here we will gain a better understanding of our consumption, nature and the interconnectivity of the tea farming eco-system. Together we will sample different blends, brews and explore our senses.

All retreats are hosted in both English and Chinese.

Duration: 7 Days