Take the time for yourself, let the soothing sound of the singing bowl help recharge your batteries, and enjoy a cup of tea before heading out again for the afternoon. 

Journey details:

  • This lunch time power hour experience combines 40 minutes of singing bowl therapy followed by 20 minutes of a paired tea tasting experience.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Date:Tuesday to Thursday (starting in November 2020)
Cost:HKD 800
Suitable for:Anyone who wants to completely relax or boost their energy levels and come out of the experience feeling refreshed.


Taking a rest during our period cycle is important as the natural state of our bodies during this time is going into a withdrawn state of human hibernation.

Our singing bowl and herbal therapies will be with you throughout your menstrual journey. The singing bowl is more than just a form of sound therapy. We let the sound wash over every part of the body, using a variety of percussive and stroking techniques that allow the continuous, refined vibrations of the singing bowl relax your mind and relieve muscle tension. You will feel the sound waves spread through every fibre of your being, travelling through the body in sync with the flow of blood, fluids, and qi energy, returning you to a state of total relaxation.

Journey details:

  • 30 minutes with our menstrual herbal tea formulated especially for you
  • 30 minutes of singing bowl therapy
Duration:Approximately 1 hour
Cost:HKD 1,800
Suitable for:Women who suffer from menstrual discomfort or menstrual health issues


  • Includes 14 free bags of our specially formulated herbal teas (7x Y•Space teabags and 7x specially formulated herbal teabags) so you can enjoy the benefits of tea therapy at home and put yourself in a calm frame of mind.
  • As we need to monitor customers’ health before your first session, please record the dates of your menstrual cycle.


Stomach discomfort is not only caused by an improper food diet, but also by the inability to process or eliminate stress or discomfort that has built up.
Back pain has also shown to have similar triggers, which can trace back to traumatic experiences that you have encountered. Our bodies are smart tools in telling us of any symptoms of physical discomfort that are connected to the corresponding chakras.

Chakras refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. As the emotions we generate from day to day are deposited in the chakras, an excess of negative energy can overload the chakras, resulting in a variety of physical issues.

Our journey returns you from external awareness to a mindful inner focus. We will integrate your mind and body as we plot your personal body-mind map.

Journey details:

  • Guide you in understanding the origins of problems at the physical, emotional and energy levels, and keep track of energy in your chakras.
  • Formulate a naturally-grown herbal tea tailored specifically to your body, so you can make profound changes at the deepest levels of your physical existence.
Duration:Approximately 1.5 hours
Therapy for:Anyone with a strong desire to achieve mental and physical health, as well as those who tend to suffer from severe stress, anxiety, insomnia or fatigue


  • Includes 7 free bags of specially-formulated herbal tea so you can continue to benefit from the experience at home


Learn to listen to your senses, and understand the characteristics of different herbal medicines and plants, as well as the changes they produce in the body. Regulating your emotions through meditation is like peeling an onion. You will find yourself stripping away layer after layer as you approach your innermost being and identify the beliefs that form your reality. You can then use these beliefs to enrich and bring joy to your life, allowing you to rediscover the secret to balancing your health.

Remote plant counselling is also available through our online portals.

Duration:Approximately 60 minutes
Cost:HKD 800